Jay Koopman’S 40th

Oct 21

Jay Koopman’S 40th

JAY KOOPMAN'S 4OTH BIRTHDAY PARTY WHERE: F E L L O W 1071 Glendon Ave.Los Angeles, CA 90024 WHEN: Monday 10.217-11:30PM WHAT: EVENT DETAILS PLEASE READ BELOW! EVERYONE MUST REGISTER FOR YOUR TICKETS ASAP In order for the restaurant to have a proper headcount for food and drinks, PLEASE REGISTER FOR YOUR TICKETS. Remember that by registering for your food and drink you are just helping us with the headcount. The food and drinks ARE NOT FREE. You will pay at the venue on the night of. Jay has specifically asked for everyone to come ready to support his good friend's restaurant FELLOW by purchasing a meal, appetizers or drinks. There will be DJ's and dancing throughout the night so drop in for a drink even if you can't make it for dinner! Whether you are coming for dinner or just to have a drink and dance, let's be generous with our servers and bartenders but you are encourged to purchase a meal from the Chef's Limited Menu. There will be a bar and food available most of the night. Let's come to ready to celebrate & support Jay for his 40th birthday! Right when you arrive, there will be a card box at the Check-In Table. Let's do our very best to bless our friend for his BIG 4-0 with cards & cash :). You can also send him a gift through Venmo or Apple Pay if you would prefer to bless him that way! For any questions, click the "Contact" button then click "contact the organizer." Please view the Chef's Limited Menu below that will be available for purchase night of: The purpose of the menu is to show you what will be available. By registering for a food ticket, you will be letting us know that you will be purchasing something. You will not specifically select register for a dish but this will help the restaurant get a rough estimate of how many people will be eating. -Impossible Sliders $13 comte, red wine onion, aioli, arugula, cornichon, Hawaiian roll {veg, vegan on request} -Polenta Fritta $7 polenta fries {vegan,GF} -Roasted Brussels Sprouts $8 salmoriglio sauce, marsala soaked raisins, pine nuts. {vegan,GF} -Charred Cauliflower & Romanesco $8 caper-shallot dressing, crispy buckwheat, petite pink ice watercress {vegan, GF} -Tom Avo Toast $12 garlic toast, heirloom tomato, avocado, spanish olive oil {vegan,GF} -Free Range Half Chicken $25 heirloom tomato panzanella salad, olio santo -Pansoti & Salsa Di Noci $23 ravioli, sheep ricotta, dandelion, chard, spinach, walnut sauce, brown butter {veg} -Ora King Salmon $31 frank lentils vegetable salad, creme fraiche, pernod tinged castelvetrano olive {GF} -Spinach Salad $11 quick pickled beetroot, cucumber, hemp dressing, crispy sweet potato nest {vegan,GF} -Lamb Albondigas $12 meatballs, amontillado demi-glace, local honey, garlic flowers, duck fat toast. {GF} Now...click the "REGISTER" button and we will see you at the party! More Info below.

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when: October 21 @ 7pm - 11:30pm
where: F E L L O W, 1071 Glendon Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90024 map
price: Free
category: Salsa



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