[Free] Swing Dance! Tea Up! #Iamagift

[Free] Swing dance! Tea up! #IAmAGift
Sep 11

[Free] Swing Dance! Tea Up! #Iamagift

Every Saturday night. For more information, you may chat here on Facebook, or add @LiveADeliciousLife to join Foodie WeChat group. The floor is waitingYour body is answeringNow that you are hereJoin me for a cup of teaTake my hand, and let’sDance​DanceDance -On tonight’s menu, you will have10mins of tea making1h of #SwingDance, and20mins of #IAmAGift chat-#IAmAGiftGot anything on the to do listThat you’d like to cross off?Ask anyone here for helpTell one thing that you want done or haven't doneEveryone else helps to make it happen, i.e. being a gift(It can be walking your dog with a stranger for 30minsOr working in a flower shop for an afternoon)We will have the chat, sitting in a circleAnd you’ll go home with gifts to give / takeFeeling wonderful about yourself and the worldThen at the next party, we will go onDancing! Drinking! Chatting!-For a sweaty and tasty timeFor a better community / city / countryLet's make it happen together-HOWTo actually meet up, it requires at least1 host(who says hi to everyone)1 coach(who teaches you to dance till sweating)1 creator(who teaches you to make tea, sets the amount of money to share the cost of ingredients, and collects payments)N guests (Number depends on the venue)Please choose your role when signing up. You can be the host, coach and creator at the same time if you are just that awesome.- Free For everyoneAll guests pay only for ingredients (It's free should you BYO gifts)Host serves you for freeCoach / Creator teaches for freeFun times for EVERYBODY Talking about gifts It can be a potato, a bag of cookies, or Sharing a story, recommending an artist Inviting someone to another amazing event Yeah anything that can make others’ lives better -Sign up nowEveryone is a volunteer, here to host, teach or learn.Events will be canceled automatically if no hosts / coaches / creators / guests sign up.-To attend / create more events, go to Foodie WeChat group Add @LiveADeliciousLifeFoodie Facebook page @LiveADeliciousLife.globe -Have a delicious time at a surprisingly low price!FoodieTo have a new place you call home wherever you goInvite yourself to delicious events in the neighborhoods around the globe More Info below.

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when: September 11 @ 7pm - 9pm
where: Boston Common, Boston map
price: Free
category: Swing



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