El Tango Feliz

El Tango Feliz
Sep 05

El Tango Feliz

Our good old friends, let's spend the weekend again with tango. After all, we were introduced and befriended by this gentle, kind, world-wide dance! Who appreciates friendship, loves people and wants peace, join us !!! For more than 10 years, lives tango in the village of Spa !!! A picturesque Crimean corner, where tango is dancing at night in a beautiful hall, and in the daytime - practically on the Black Sea coast! The settlement of Kurortnoe is located in the picturesque Otuz valley, surrounded by the ridges of the Kara-Dag volcanic massif and the spurs of the Echki-Dag mountain. The place fascinates with the good nature of its inhabitants, tranquility and regularity of life. Here, surrounded by mountain peaks and to the sound of sea waves, you really relax and for the time of rest you will forget about all the problems ... And also dance the Argentine tango. There will be lessons and performances of two couples! Guests of the festival are a bright couple from St. Petersburg, Alexey Barbolin and Helga Domashova. A couple with a very interesting tango biography, with their own vision of dancing and learning Argentine tango, based on their own unique technique, turnkey tango. And the second pair from Ukraine, which is 14 years old in tango. This is Svetlana Tarasova and Andrey Skrypnyk. The teachers of the largest tango school in Ukraine Tango Militar, who studied in the best tango schools in the city of Buenos Aires. The first Ukrainian couple, speaking in Argentina. The best DJs from Russia, Ukraine, Crimea will create a milong atmosphere. 4 milongas in a beautiful and cozy room. There will also be master classes and dance performances. Surprises and interesting events await you in your favorite place tangeros. We are again where old friends meet and meet new ones! More Info below.

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when: September 5 @ 9am - September 8 @ 9pm
where: Kurortny, Russia map
category: Argentine Tango



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