World Tango Congress 2020

Feb 27

World Tango Congress 2020

Tradition meets Neo,Venue: 5 Grand Hotel Amrth Kurhaus,Bigger, Better, Longer!, Workshops more workshops Upgraded!, More than 60 hrs Milongas Neolongas Upgraded!, Show performances, Host male dancers New, Scheveningen Beach Boulevard, Flashmob Boulevard Kurhaus, Diving in the Sea!, Red Carpet Moment of Fame, Dinner buffet 35 now 30 Upgraded!, Lunch buffet 25 now 15 Upgraded!, 2 rooms Neo Traditional, 3rd room Traditional 7080s DiscoLatinCumbiaRock nd Roll , Kurhaus overnight 130 now 110 Upgraded!, Kurhaus 5 star shared double room 55! New, Closing time 01.00 a.m. now 05.00 a.m. on Thurs, Fri and Saturday Upgraded!, Pre Congress event -Thursday New, Pre Congress Intensives New, Tango Orquesta, Live! New, Dresscode: Masquerade Ball, Roaring Twenties New, Red Carpet Fashion Show New, Neo visuals New, Interactive Presentation History Tango, Pop-up events, Merchandising New, Tanda Rosa New, Pre Sale New, Combi tickets Early birds tickets New Room 1. Close Embrace Tango Fstvl Salons, Gala Ball.Room 2. Neo Dutch Tango Fstvl Neolongas, Visuals,Room 3. Milonga Party Lounge 70 80s, Latin, Rock nd Roll, Cumbia The first edition was unexpectedly a huge success! The demand for an event like this exceeded all expectations!,We are now working on a historical edition, bigger, better and longer! Soon more will come. If you want to join us on facebook, Check here for Interested of Going Dream and Tanda with us in this Fairytale. Let the magic begin More Info below.

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when: February 27 @ 9am - March 1 @ 9pm
where: The Hague, Netherlands map
category: Argentine Tango



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