Tbilisi Tango Weekend 2020 Winter Edition

Tbilisi Tango Weekend 2020 winter edition
Jan 31

Tbilisi Tango Weekend 2020 Winter Edition

January 31st, 2020 will mark Tbilisi Tango's 12th anniversary. To celebrate in style, we would like to invite you to join us at the Tbilisi Tango weekend, January 31st-February 2nd. This will be on a third Weekend, organized by Tbilisi Tango and we are happy to offer: Three days of Day and Night with experienced Georgian and International DJs. A total of 28 hours of social dancing Nicely lit and confortable dance hall, equipped with new advanced sound system and hardwood floors. The venue is located in the historic neighborhood of Old Tbilisi and is part of its unique architectural style. Various kinds of Georgian wine, all of which you'll be able to try at the milongas. Tbilisi Tango is the first School of Argentine Tango in Georgia and from its very first days we have been working hard on spreading and popularizing Argentine Tango and Tango Culture in Georgia and the neighboring region. Our main goal is to create a cozy and friendly atmosphere, a must for any Social Tango event, making it a perfect place to exchange the embraces and warm emotions. At the Weekend, we emphasize the traditional social tango etiquette, dance by following the ronda flow, invitations by mirada and cabeceo and clear floor during cortinas. This weekend is an event without separate seating for men and women. To keep you happy, we are thinking carefully about the atmosphere at our event. Therefore, we care about the gender balance and friendly attitude at the dance floor. While registering the participants, we will take it into account. If you still don't have anything planned for the cold winter days, mark your calendars with the Tbilisi Tango Dates - January 31st - February 2nd. PS Even in the winter, the chances of sunny days are great in our city! Schedule January 31st Friday 9:00 pm to 4:00 am - Milonga # 1 February 1st Saturday 15:00 to 20:00 Milonga # 2 22:00 to 4:00 Milonga # 3 February 2nd Sunday 15:00 to 20:00 Milonga # 4 22: 00-3: 00 Milonga # 5 Prices Full Package - 5 Milongas Prior to November 1st 1 person - 60 Euros Couple - 100 Euros Group of 5 people (2 men minimum required) - 45 Euros each person Group of 7 people (3 men minimum required) - 40 Euros each person After November 1st 1 person - 70 Euros Couple - 120 Euros Group of 5 people (2 men minimum required) - 55 Euros each person Group of 7 people (3 men minimum required) - 50 Euros each person Registration required !!! More Info below.

when: January 31 @ 9am - February 3 @ 9pm
where: Tbilisi No 66 School, 28 Asatiani Street, Tbilisi, Georgia map
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category: Argentine Tango

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