Encuentro De Brujas

Encuentro de Brujas
Nov 03

Encuentro De Brujas

The Witches were free women. It was the women who knew her body, her sexuality, her pleasure, her needs. For this reason they were persecuted and killed. Today, we rescue this name, after centuries of demonization of it. We rescue him with the intention of reconnecting with his wisdom, which is ours, which is part of our phylogenetic knowledge. Each Witch Encounter is different and unique. In this meeting we will work listening to our body. We will reconnect with your language without words to listen to your needs again. We will feel our natural rhythm, our own, of each one. We will embrace our pleasant body to know it and to know ourselves in pleasure, not only sexual, pleasure as a way of feeling, being and living. We will connect with our uterus to recognize it as a creative center, of life and pleasure. We will work on your listening, your vibration, your conscious connection with our neocortex, to awaken our Pandora's Box. All this we will work rescuing the wisdom of different ancestral medicines using qi gong, meditation, shamanic breathing, sound travel, circular dance, acupressure, sensitive massage, vaporizations, menstrual cosmetics .. More Info below.

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when: November 3 @ 9am - November 8 @ 9pm
where: Alalimón Rural, C/Cantón 30, Bruges, Belgium map
category: Argentine Tango



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