Otono En Tango

Otono en tango
Oct 25

Otono En Tango

Lucila Cionci and Rodrigo "Joe" Corbata founded " Formula Tango " in 2007 , the combination of years of experience in individual events and festivals. Surprising is the great plasticity and expressiveness of their dance that presents innovative choreographic elements and a particular and personal way to improvise. This led them to participate in the major tango festivals in the world. Argentina, Japan, Italy, France, Switzerland, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Turkey, Holland, Ukraine, Spain, Korea, South Africa, Russia, Canada, USA are the countries in the world where "Joe" and Lucila showed an original teaching philosophy obtaining an excellent response from students at all levels. Otoo En Tango,"Otono En Tango" A team of 6 people (Paola, Roberta, Lourdes, Beppe, Mirko and Roland) born from a spirit of sharing and fun, with the aim of creating an event full of leisure and relaxation, at the teaches about learning. From year to year the team tries to innovate and improve, always keeping the focus on all the participants' needs. More Info below.

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when: October 25 @ 9am - October 27 @ 9pm
where: Matilde Di Canossa Golf Club, Via Reggio, Italy map
category: Argentine Tango



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