Byblos Tango Festival 2019

Byblos Tango Festival 2019
Sep 27

Byblos Tango Festival 2019

The Byblos Tango Festival is a celebration of the social bonds created from the love for Tango. It is an invitation to discover artists, dancers, rhythms and a magnificent historical city by the Mediterranean sea. Set in a public and outdoor square at the center of the old city, it is a platform for an enriching exchange between the participants and the local community, making the experience unique. Combining fun with learning, simplicity with glamour and leisure with art, it is a magical journey to embark on. More Info:

when: September 27 @ 9am - September 29 @ 9pm
where: Farmer’s market square Byblos, Beirut, Lebanon map
category: Argentine Tango



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