Sueno De Varsovia Tango Marathon 2019

Sueno de Varsovia Tango Marathon 2019
Aug 30

Sueno De Varsovia Tango Marathon 2019

The magic happens if we are open enough to see, to listen and to embrace The Other, in places where unknown mixes with familiar. So imagine a phoenix city that rose from the ashes in the middle of Europe. A place at the edge of the Old Town, where the heart of this city beats. An incredible space with huge one-way mirror windows facing the sidewalk, where you can see yet stay unseen by passers-by. A gentle light. A garden floating above your head. First notes of your favourite tango. Imagine a magical place, where different worlds meet each other. Pride and melancholy of the East. Sincerity and black sense of humour of the North. Joyfulness and exuberant energy of the South. Creativity and openness of the West. Grace and wildness of the Orient. All of them equally welcomed and appreciated, dreaming together surrounded by all our warmth, hospitality and love you experienced last year. So whoever you are, whatever story you have to tell, there is a place here for your dream too. Come, share a piece of your world and stay open for what others have to give. Sueo de Varsovia 2019 is waiting, we are ready to embrace you! You can find all the details at [hidden] Magda Skawiska Micha Wjcik More Info below.

when: August 30 @ 9am - September 2 @ 9pm
where: ulica Świętojerska, 00-236 Warszawa, Warsaw, Poland map
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category: Argentine Tango

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