Milonguero Nights - 2019

Milonguero Nights - 2019
Aug 23

Milonguero Nights - 2019

Milonguero Nights - 2019,Dear friends, This summer is the motto of the Nights Milonguero 2019 ALL WAITING! EVERYBODY IS DANCING! From August 23 to 25, we are walking in summer Moscow and enjoying tango at the festival Nights of Milonguero! The Milongero Night Festival is changing, and in 2019 we move to the festival-marathon format, taking better from both forms of tango events: - day and night milongas on the large Planetango parquet with your favorite DJs ,- the maestro of the festival, first of all milonguero, including dancing in milongas ,- creative lessons with fashion themes ,- super low prices for lessons and milongas ,- improved gender balance at the festival due to the help of the club team and dance friends This year you are introducing Chef practices! This is a new - personalized moderated practice format, where two maestros will explore with you the new possibilities of your dance and answer your questions! Our maestro Milonguero festival Milonguero Nights-2019: ,Meet the new and the familiar names ,- Juan Manuel and Lisa Rosales ( of Juan by Manuel Rosales , Liza Rosales ) ,- Hernan Che Oako ( of Hernan of Dionysus Ohaco ) ,- Nicolas Krededio ( Nicolas Crededio ) ,- Diego Pirits ( Diego Piriz ) ,- Rodrigo Fonti ( Rodrigo Fonti ) Within the framework of the festival we will have wonderful music from our favorite DJs: ,- Daniel Tuero (Daniel Tuero ) ,- Nicolas Krededio ( Nicolas Crededio ) ,- Alina Shatkovskaya ( Alina Shatkovskaya ) ,- Ekaterina Vinogradova ( Ekaterina Vinogradova ) ,- Evgeny Morozov ( Evgeny Morozow ) ,- Natalya Melnikova ( Natalya Melnikova ) All night milongas plan shows and events from the maestro and guests festival. All master classes and day and night milongas of the festival Nights of Milonguero-2019 will be held in the club Planetango. We look forward to August and meeting with old and new tango friends! Registration for the festival is open! The festival will take place in any weather! Waiting for you! See you soon! More Info below.

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when: August 23 @ 9am - August 26 @ 9pm
where: Planetango Club, Nizhnyaya Krasnoselskaya, d.35, p.59, Moscow, Russia map
category: Argentine Tango



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