A Taste Of Tango - Absolute Beginners Workshop

a taste of tango - absolute beginners workshop
Jul 21

A Taste Of Tango - Absolute Beginners Workshop

Do something different. Explore new territory. Surprise yourself. Tango. Start and develop your tango dancing with a taste of tango workshop. You’ll be challenged to think and move using tango ideas and with an engaging mix of group, partner and individual activity, your tango skills will grow through exploration and creative thinking. Programme 1:00-2:20pm: a taste of tango2:20-2:30pm: break*2:30-3:00pm: mini milonga *bring refreshments for er… refreshing… “learning & focus” + “practice & play” This 2 hour session kicks off with rounds of “learning & focus” followed by “practice & play”. The aim here is to explore some simple yet important tango ideas so that you can begin to enjoy smooth and connected dancing straight away. Rather than learning sequences to copy, you will also consider the four components that make a tango; embrace, connection, movement and the music. mini milonga The final part of the session is a mini milonga where you can experience how the social side of dancing tango works. Equally important is learning how to invite and be invited, how floorcraft works, get an idea of what dancing works in the milonga. You’ll leave the session challenged and curious for sure. More importantly, you’ll leave the session with the seeds of a connected dance that reflects you and your partner, as well as knowing how to connect and dance with anyone and how you can use these four elements to construct your dance. What people are saying. “We have never Tangoed before….. Jenney was patient and a great teacher. We learnt enough to make us hungry to learn more and come again ”-Kevin & Elizabeth "This was just wonderful! I must say as a non-dancer that Jenney was absolutely sensitive in her way to make me loose my considers and fears to get moving. It is a very good choice to get the idea of tango and feel comfortable with the first moves you make. Thank you for the inspiration“We have never Tangoed before….. Jenney was patient and a great teacher. We learnt enough to make us hungry to learn more and come again ” “-Oliver & Nina"Time and money very well spent.The workshop gives you a real understanding of the principles underlying tango, as well as teaching a few moves. You can see how easy tango could become a passion. Jenney is a brilliant teacher.”-John"I saw Jenney teaching -and dancing- after Tanguera at Sadler’s Wells. She made me want to learn to dance. Her teaching is not just about tango, it’s about a deeper understanding of movement, space, one’s body… it’s about expression and dialogue. An embrace…”-Annamaria"As a sportsman I’d never participated in anything dance related before, Jenney removed any apprehension or anxiety I’d had when starting tango. Her tailored classes helped me gain confidence to participate in a class or two when visiting Buenos Aires and I then continued learning with Jenney on return. I felt comfortable from my first lesson, learning to dance rather follow steps or routines, which is what I’d wanted.”-Martin"It felt really good being exposed to something completely new that required a more “unconventional” approach, such as “tuning in” and not just focusing on a specific routine or steps. Last but not least, Jenney is an amazing teacher, really explanatory and passionate about Tango”-Christine"Jenney is an extraordinary teacher. She manages to create exactly the right balance between a warm, friendly and unintimidating atmosphere – with the appropriate challenge and pace of learning. This is a wonderful introduction to Tango – not just the dance, but also the social context, music, spirit and attitude of the real Tango of Buenos Aires.”-Darren"Jenney’s fantastic. The atmosphere was wonderful, with everyone learning together. The music of course is heaven. I’m hooked.”-Flora FAQs What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event? Tube: Covent Garden, Leicester SquareTrain: Charing CrossParking is limited, public transport is recommended, What can I bring into the event? Bring water and a snack for the break. How can I contact the organiser with any questions? You can contact a taste of tango with any questions by mailing [email protected] Do I need a partner? The short answer is yes, you will need a partner. Can you find one in the class? Yes, you usually can. But, let me just say something about learning tango with someone you don’t know compared to someone you know (even a little), compared to someone you know feel and comfortable with. There’s a big difference. So yes, you need a partner, but try and find someone you know to do this with and if you can’t it’s ok, you’re just going to need to build a rapport with them first. If you’re still worried send us a message. What clothes and shoes should I wear? Whatever you like as long as it is comfortable and easy to move in. Remember the sessions are for learning so save the LBD for the milonga. Expect to get warm so make sure that you smell good (not overpowering) beforehand and are able to stay that way (spare shirt?).Shoes should be thin soled and not sticky, you will need to pivot (turn) in your shoes. A strap holding your foot in your shoe is important (no flip flops or slip ons)and a lower heel is advised for ladies who are starting out. More Info

when: July 21 @ 1pm - 3pm
where: Pineapple Dance Studios, 7 Langley Street, London, England, WC2H 9JA map
category: Argentine Tango



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