Free Seminar: Trading The Big Swinging Vix (New York)

FREE SEMINAR: Trading the Big Swinging VIX (New York)
Jun 20

Free Seminar: Trading The Big Swinging Vix (New York)

http://www.itpm.com/seminars/ The Risk of Global Recession occuring in the next 12-18 months is higher than it has been since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008-2009. We are seeing this starting to play out in Financial Assets globally and seeping into the U.S. Macro Data and Stock Market performance. At the time of writing.., the S&P500 is flat since January 2018. The U.S. could very easily get dragged into a Financial Markets meltdown in 2019 caused by the Rest of the World. Retail Investors and Traders need to be very aware of this and need to know how to at least Hedge their IRA's and 401Ks properly. Many Retail Investors think that buying a long VIX ETF or product as a hedge is a good strategy. It isnt. It is actually a terrible strategy and is a lie perpetuated by ETF providers and Charlatan trading educators who do not understand what these products represent. In this seminar Raj Malhotra is going to show you why VIX products are NOT what they have cracked up to be and show you how to use the VIX to not only Hedge your Portfolio BUT to ALSO make serious money when the VIX rallies hard, the market goes into meltdown and ALL other Retail Traders lose their shirt. >> Seminar Content & Timetable;- 6.30pm registration, 7pm start. VIX ETF’s and Why they are Useless The Real Math Behind VIX Hedges How the Pro’s Trade Vol' Properly How Retail Traders can Trade Vol' Properly Seminar Speaker Raj Malhotra - Senior Trading Mentor - Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management Raj Malhotra has enjoyed incredible success in the Financial Markets over the last 20 years. Raj was the Head of Options Trading at Bank of America at the age of 29 and Head of Options Trading at Nomura Bank. Raj retired from Wall Street in 2011 and after a career break, now Mentors Retail Traders / Investors in his spare time. This is your chance to learn from Raj at his next exclusive Seminar. No other educational offering in the field of trading comes close! Raj Malhotra is a Professional Trader formerly Managing Director / Head of Institutional Options Trading at both Bank of America and Nomura Bank. Trading at Nomura Raj was pivotal in growing the firms U.S. business. At Bank of America Raj dominated the S&P500 Index Options Market which was the most heavily traded Options market in the world at the time. Prior to this, Raj worked for the BNP Paribas Cooper Neff Hedge Fund in Washington after graduating from the Wharton School of Business with a Bachelor of Science (BSE) in Economics. In retirement, Raj is now Mentoring Retail Traders in the United States and Canada to be consistently profitable as a Senior Trading Mentor at the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management. Background The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management was established to educate, inform and coach Retail Traders & Investors how to take a more Professional approach to Trading and Investing in the Financial Markets. We deliver the highest level of Trading and Portfolio Management education available to the Retail Trader / Investor globally, utilising teaching methods that everyone can understand and deploy themselves. We manage a global Portfolio ourselves and manage a community of Retail Traders and Investors, that connect with eachother and support eachother. We provide our community with a favourable infrastructure that allows each individual to reach their full potential. Additionally, we invest in our best performing students / traders and we also place some of our best traders into Professional Trading employment with Hedge Funds and Investment Banks. Typically we have three types of delegates that attend our seminars and then join the Institute;- 1. Delegates currently trading with their own money who have struggled to make consistent Returns on their Capital. 2. Delegates who want to start trading with their own savings and seek a higher level Professional Trading & Investing education Vs what is available elsewhere. 3. Delegates who are looking to enter the Professional world of Trading and Investing via Hedge Funds and Investment Banks. You do not need any prior experience in Trading and Portfolio Management to attend one of our seminars. All you require is a basic level of common sense and arithmetic ability. At the Institute you will be taught everything you need to know from basic to more advanced techniques. Our approach is challenging both to a beginner and more experienced traders. The professional trader approach is like nothing you have ever seen before. This is because it is simply not taught to the Retail Trader market and is usually only reserved for professional traders. For background information on ITPM Education Click Here For more information on upcoming ITPM seminars Click Here To visit the Institute website Click Here We look forward to seeing you there !!! More Info

when: June 20 @ 7pm - 9pm
where: New York Seminar & Conference Center, 71 West 23rd Street, New York, NY, 10010 map
category: Swing



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