Argentine Tango Class- Atlanta - Peachtree Corners

Argentine Tango Class- Atlanta - Peachtree Corners
Jun 18

Argentine Tango Class- Atlanta - Peachtree Corners

How to Register and Pay for classes.If you wish to start classes with us or attend our tango events, go to [hidden]. -No prior dance experience needed to begin tango-No partner necessary to join.-Affordable friendly fun always! Cost: Your choice7 Week Start up for 'New' students. $904 Class Punch Card $608 Class Punch Card $11012 Class Punch Card $150Tango Practice Parties $10 at the door. 3 hours of Fun!*Some classes have drop-in prices. Do you have questions?Contact me directly. (Not using Meetup for correspondence)For fast response send a text message[hidden]Rather talk? Leave me a message here. [hidden]Email: [hidden]Friends with me on Facebook? Use Messenger for quick responseFeel free to friend me if you are interested in Tango. 'Tina Marie Tango'Tina Marie Tango Academy on Face Book... like usFind Info - all about Tango and me [hidden] ABOUT TINA...Tina Marie is an avid and passionate Argentine Tango teacher and dancer and is well known in the local dance community, in many parts of the US, and also in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is known for her knowledge and expertise in both leading and following and for the ability to break down movement in classes for everyone to learn. Her infectious enthusiasm and genuine love for Tango and its culture, along with the gift for passing the joy and love of Tango to others is enjoyed by all. Come to join us for Argentine Tango and learn this beautifully connected social dance in group classes and/or private lessons settings. You will soon enjoy social tango fun with new friends, attend local Milongas (tango dance parties) and Practicas (tango practice sessions). Allow Tina to introduce you to a truly beautiful experience in social dancing. ...and tell your friends!! Details.... [hidden] the social dance of Argentine Tango won't be about memorizing steps and patterns. We teach paths and structure so that the dance can be naturally improvised through well-communicated partnering. The fact that we really don't know exactly where each dance is headed makes tango infinitely interesting. Start making great moments and great connections through our teachings of tango. Enroll with a partner or without. No experience necessary. How to find us: Classes: Registered students only. Contact Tina in advance. [hidden] Text or call. More Info below.

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when: June 18 @ 7:30pm - 9:30pm
where: Dancing4Fun Dance Studio, 6025 Peachtree Parkway, Peachtree Corners, GA map
category: Argentine Tango



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