The Odd Couple: Conversing And Connecting Over Time - Annual Postgraduate Symposium

The Odd Couple: Conversing and Connecting Over Time - Annual Postgraduate Symposium
May 16

The Odd Couple: Conversing And Connecting Over Time - Annual Postgraduate Symposium

The Courtauld’s Postgraduate Research Symposium is a platform for third-year doctoral candidates to present their research to their peers, the wider scholarly community and the public. The symposium showcases the breadth of research being undertaken at the Courtauld in both art history, and conservation and technology. This conference provides a place to consider how the cohort has been collectively addressing critical challenges and new directions for the History of Art. 09:30–10:00Registration 10:00–10:05Opening statement 10:05–10:55Session 1: Buildings and Images Chair: Maggie Crosland Yeonjoo Hahn: WALL PAINTINGS IN BUDDHIST TEMPLES OF SOUTH KOREA: A CONSERVATION ASSESSMENT Costanza Beltrami: PERSUASIVE COLLABORATION: JUAN GUAS AND ARCHITECTURAL DRAWING IN FIFTEENTH–CENTURY CASTILE Q&A 10:55–11:45Session 2: Workshops and Artistic Methods Chair: Éowyn Kerr-Di Carlo Giulio Dalvit: HIDDEN SIGNATURES. AN EARLY, PSEUDO-GREEK EXAMPLE FROM SIENA Patricia Smithen: THE ACRYLIC SITUATION Q&A 11:45–12:15Coffee Break 12:15–13:05Session 3: Friendships Chair: Ambra D'Antone Cathy Corbett: “OUTDOOR SCULPTURE IN ITS NATURAL SURROUNDINGS”. OSSIP ZADKINE, EDWARD WADSWORTH, AND ZADKINE’S FIGURES IN THE GARDEN Adriana Concin: THE MEDICEAN PORTRAIT COLLECTION BEYOND FLORENCE: ITERATIONS AND INTERPRETATIONS OF A FLORENTINE MODEL IN SIXTEENTH-CENTURY AUSTRIA Q&A 13:05–14:05Lunch 14:05–14:55Session 4: Art and Politics Chair: Francesca Wilmott Talitha Schepers: PERCEIVING PROCESSIONS: DIPLOMATIC RITUAL AT THE OTTOMAN COURT Soo-Young Leam: LEE SEUNG-TAEK’S “PRIVATISED SITES” AND THE POLITICS OF INTERVENTION Q&A 14:55–15:25Tea and coffee 15:25–16:15Session 5: Seeing the Invisible, Representing the Un-representable Chair: Charlotte Wytema Amarilli Rava: READHESION INTERVENTIONS ON WALL PAINTINGS: ASSESSMENT OF PENETRATION, DEPOSITION AND RESPONSE TO RELATIVE HUMIDITY Teresa Lane: ‘O MAN, LISTEN TO THE POOR LITTLE FORM OF A WOMAN SPEAKING TO YOU’: MEDIEVAL FEMALE VISIONARIES REVEAL THE TRINITY Q&A 16:15–17:05Session 6: Making Meanings Chair: Silvia Rita Amato Oliver Mitchell: RETHINKING THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE IN MEDIEVAL ART Lan Pu: CONNECTIONS IN THE MAKING AND MEANING OF THE ART OF BHUTAN AND TIBET IN THE 17TH AND 18TH CENTURIES: A STUDY OF THE WALL PAINTINGS OF TANGO MONASTERY Q&A 17:05–17:15Closing statement: Professor Caroline Arscott 17:15 RECEPTION More Info

when: May 16 @ 10am - 5:15pm
where: The Courtauld Institute of Art, Vernon Square Campus, Penton Rise, London, England, WC1X 9EW map
price: Free
category: Argentine Tango



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