Dance King Studios Practica

Dance King Studios Practica
Dec 08

Dance King Studios Practica

Intermediate Tango 7: 45pm This class requires students to have an understanding of the Argentine cross, weight changes in place, and cadencias (rock steps) introduced in our Monday night Essentials class. Advanced Essentials builds from the basics to introduce variety, maneuver, and have more fun dancing socially. Advanced Tango 8: 30pm Look forward to learning the nuances of traditional Argentine tango for the social dance floor with giros, volcadas, sacadas, cadenas, sandwiches, paradas, more! Practice 9: 15pm Drop-In Class Rate 20. 00 King Queen of Hearts Membership 65month (singles), 95month (couples) for Unlimited SalsaTangoSwingZumba Classes Social. Tangueros of all levels styles welcome! More Info below.

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Phone: 703-443-2623
[email protected]
when: December 8 @ 8:15pm - 10pm
where: Dance King Studios, 26 W Market Street, Leesburg, VA map
category: Argentine Tango



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