Al's Tangochicago Milonga Bridgeport

Al's TangoChicago Milonga Bridgeport
Oct 25

Al's Tangochicago Milonga Bridgeport

Class (all levels) 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm + Milonga until 2:00 am, Where the ordinary learn to be extraordinary dancers, 25. (New TangoChicago Students 50.), Als Privates Fastest Way To Improve for 2019, Tango Chicago, 735 W.. 35th St.., Chicago, Il. 60616, Free Parking, Chicago Il, IL, The iconic Al Gates makes learning Argentine Tango fun and easy. As a student of the dance for over 20yrs, Al has trained addicts world wide. His devotion to seductive elements techniques by old world masters is absolute. As an instructor, Al Gates demands precise footwork, clear lead follow, impeccable floor craft and epic musicality. Al teaches the dance in its original form But he simplifies each complicated figure.All students new or experienced are expected to develop their own unique style., Narcissism and egocentrism are not allowed; generosity, patience and acceptance are required! No partner is necessary, everyone is rotated in class, and if you LOVE watching or dancing with someone at your milonga they were probably OUR students ! More Info below.

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Phone: 312-788-3408
[email protected]
when: October 25 @ 7:30pm - October 26 @ 2am
where: 735 W 35th St, Chicago, IL map
price: $25
category: Argentine Tango



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