Pandemonium 2019 - 15 Year Anniversary

Pandemonium 2019 - 15 Year Anniversary
Nov 30

Pandemonium 2019 - 15 Year Anniversary

The 15 year anniversary of Pandemonium. 30-11-2019 or 07-12-2019. , You can buy your tickets through Cyndium.com Primera stores Normally the maximum number of tickets is 8 per person. For events such as Pandemonium we use a max of 6 tickets per transaction. Pay attention! If you book more tickets than the maximum number , your order can be canceled. Your money will then be credited back to your bank without the transaction costs. Yes , Cyndium.com will also be available. Cyndium works with a digital queue. To cope with the high demand for tickets we use a queue system on the website. This queue keeps track of your place in the queue. When you press F5 or refresh the page , you will automatically end up at the end of the queue. So don't refresh your page! Pay attention! , This system is who comes first , who first serves. When you are in the queue , that does not guarantee a ticket. This is the most honest way. The queue will start when the ticket sale starts. Location to be announced! More Info below.

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when: November 30 @ 9am - 9pm
where: Amsterdam, Netherlands map
category: News & Trends



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