Friday Brooklyn Swings @ Trinity Grace Church

Friday Brooklyn Swings @ Trinity Grace Church
May 27

Friday Brooklyn Swings @ Trinity Grace Church

Fridays Swing! Welcome To our weekly Swing Dance! Every Friday you'll find us dancing up a storm, join us! 7: 00 - 7: 30 Learn A Solo Jazz Routine 7: 30 - 10: 00 pm DANCE! Only 5-10 Per person on DJ Nights only 10-15 per person on Band Nights Location: 231 Ainslie Street upstairs off the Graham Ave stop on the L line. The Brooklyn Swings goal is to have a respectful space for all, regardless of anything visual, physical, ability, cultural, spiritual, viewpoints, or anything that could make us feel the same or different from each other. Harassment, including virtual, is to be taken as a challenge to this goal and not welcomed. In this space we collaborate, learn, exchange, create and grow. Participants are expected to respect each other and, if not will be expected to make an immediate change andor asked to leave. Every event is unique and therefore every outcome is unique and will be decided at the discretion of Brooklyn Swings. See something, say something. Brooklyn Swings managers (including teachers and djs) are good people to reach out to, including methods of contact listed above. All parties directly involved in any event are respected by having their voice heard. Please tell us the good stuff and bad stuff --we want to hear about all the stuff, really. More Info below.

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when: May 27 @ 8pm - 11pm
where: Trinity Grace Church Williamsburg, 231 Ainslie St, Brooklyn, NY map
category: Swing




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