Tuga Tango Lisbon Marathon 2019

Tuga Tango Lisbon Marathon 2019
Nov 14

Tuga Tango Lisbon Marathon 2019

After travelling across the globe and having visited some of the major Tango events in the world, we dreamt of organizing an event of our own in our home town: the charismatic and enchanting Lisbon, Capital city of our beautiful country Portugal! The goal was simple: Over the course of 4 days, to become the best hosts anyone would wish for and to create an unforgettable Tango experience to the International Tango Community. And so, TUGA TANGO MARATHON was born! TUGA: A local way of saying Portuguese From our perspective, a few essentials were required to accomplish our goal: An accessible venue from the airport (less than 15 minutes by taxi or use the metro with a beautiful 10 minute walk through the old town) and in the heart of the city. When you leave the venue, the beautiful and magnetic city is on hand for Sightseeing, Pastel eating, Ginjinha drinking, Tram riding and Bacalhao catching. An inviting and cosy venue, with a huge wooden dance floor, large enough to accommodate dancing and socialising. Plentiful with tables and chairs to ensure everyone has a place to be. That is, a place to sit, chill, eat and drink and have inspiring conversations in between Tandas. In short, we wanted to create the feeling of a proper Milonga. A fantastic sound system so that all dancers can truly enjoy the music their dancing to, wherever they are in the Ronda. More Info below.

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when: November 14 @ 9am - November 17 @ 9pm
where: Lisbon, Portugal map
category: Argentine Tango



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