Tango Zoom Forum Spb 2019

Tango Zoom Forum Spb 2019
Nov 01

Tango Zoom Forum Spb 2019

The first Tango ZOOM Forum will take place! Organizers: ATE, Tango30-, Caminito, Tango Theater. Are you surprised? We ourselves are surprised, and at the same time inspired! After all, even in cooking, sometimes the most seemingly incompatible ingredients give a stunning effect. In a sense, this is our story! We are different, but the love for Tango unites us, and the desire to fall in love with this phenomenal dance again and again energizes new projects and helps to choose those who become the heart and soul of the conceived! More Info below.

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when: November 1 @ 9am - November 3 @ 9pm
where: Saint Petersburg, Russia map
category: Argentine Tango



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