7th El Sabor De Hungria Tango Festival Con Palinka

7th El Sabor De Hungria Tango Festival Con Palinka
Aug 22

7th El Sabor De Hungria Tango Festival Con Palinka

Welcome to the 7th El Sabor de Hungria Tango Festival! Web: [hidden] FB page: [hidden] FB group: [hidden] There is something mystical about this city: Budapest... Something you can't really describe and what makes it hard to clearly define: why the attraction?! The glamour of the monarchical capital, the pompous shining of the Old Lady behind the rust of the ages, echoing the laughter of noble women and gentlemen in the salons of the crystal palaces filled with fragments of blurred songs sounding so familiar and yet, the young, vivid and harsh party place, the city that wants to live like theres no tomorrow with flashing lights and beats of the night, with pubs and bars echoing the laughter of guys and gals enjoying life Joie de vivre! Yes, thats it exactly: the eternal joie de vivre present throughout the ages! This is what maybe best characterizes this city. Come, experience it and be a part of it, because El Sabor de Hungria is back again! Our offer that makes this festival unique is based on the following ingredients: Seminars and workshops from great international MAESTROS Amazing locations designed for perfect RONDAS TANGO BOAT on the Danube Ca. 48 hours of dancing throughout the festival only high quality, pure TANGO! Afternoon CAFES Accommodation for all needs Special discounts for young [email protected] and TANGO YOUNG members aaaand our FRIENDS! Yes, that means great, comfortable dancers just like YOU! ;) The perfect atmosphere will be provided with the help of our Angel Team made up of enthusiastic local dancers and friends from abroad, who will make sure that you have a very relaxing yet intense experience. Trans-culturalization with chacarera and csardas, gulyas, wines and of course PALINKA! All this in the magical atmosphere of this beautiful city: BUDAPEST MAESTROS: FABIAN Peralta JOSEFINA Bermudez SERCAN Yigit ZEYNEP Aktar MURAT Erdemsel SIGRID van Tilbeurgh CSONGOR Kicsi ANTONELLA Terrazas DJ Team: DJ Janja Frank DJ Balazs Gyenis DJ Wilelmini Kara DJ Konrad Krynski DJ Dark-Oh Tango REGISTRATION OPENS: 7 February! Details coming soon :) More Info below.

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when: August 22 @ 9am - August 25 @ 9pm
where: Budapest, Hungary map
category: Argentine Tango



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