Tango Roots Festival

Tango Roots Festival
Jul 21

Tango Roots Festival

Paris, Ciudad Luz (City of Light) has long dreamed of Buenos Aires: it was that she was a little European sister who wanted to look like Santa Maria del Buen Southern Area. The tango fed on the many trips of its ambassadors between the two capitals. Paris, Buenos Aires, tango and Paris: a passion, with its drunkenness and its disappointments. It's a story in history that began more than a century ago, punctuated by wars, coups d'etat, migrations between the two continents ... In the great euphoria of renewed peace, the craze for dance and tango, shared by young Argentinian students in Paris who transgressed the anathema thrown by the oligarchy from which they came. Tango in Paris, an illumination so strong that many pieces refer directly to it: Canaro in Paris , Una Noche in El Garron , Anclao in Paris , Madame Yvonne ... It is this Paris that we will explore at the Tango Roots Festival. Paris and the tango, its artists, its mythical places and its very personal poetry ... More Info below.

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when: July 21 @ 9am - July 28 @ 9pm
where: Montreuil, France map
category: Argentine Tango



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