May Tango Festival

May Tango Festival
May 09

May Tango Festival

During the event you could buy a beautiful original Spanish fans from Bella-Arabella Boutique. They all are made from wood (oak, pear or birch). You could choose from: classic (one colour, including the men J fans), hand-painted in a variety of flowers, ornaments or interesting prints, full frame or decoratively cut openwork. May Tango Academy is about, above all, the atmosphere, emotions and people. Here everyone feels like home. Here we want to share a simile and joy of dancing with everyone. These are the ingredients of our Festival. Because thats what we want to give to you, our Dear Guests. Founder of the Majowa Szkoa Taca, originator and director of May Tango Festival. For a few years now, despite all the obstacles, she consistently build the tango community in Silesia. She gathers people with passion and infects them with the love for tango. Her priority is to make Zabrze a place, which resembles a warm and open tango community. For a few years, she organize workshops with Maestros from all over Poland as well as the worlds. More Info: https://www.maytangofestival.eu/en

when: May 9 @ 9am - May 12 @ 9pm
where: Zabrze, Poland map
category: Argentine Tango



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