6th Sakura Tango Festival

6th Sakura Tango Festival
Mar 29

6th Sakura Tango Festival

We are planning for you to have cultural experience of Tango through workshop by worldwide dancers, authentic artists, Tango party for Tango lovers, Milonga, and Tango show, art, food in the electric building Mirai Hall and the dining and event space Tiempo Hall. More information to be announced. For Japanese people, sakura (cherry tree blossom) is more evocative than other flowers, because it represents the ephemeral nature of life, and death. A short-lived yet splendid blossoming followed by inevitable fall and death. In this world, everything, from animals and trees to even mountains and rivers, has a beginning and an end: this is a transitory cycle. But if you look from another perspective, each single moment owns its particular beauty. There is beauty in the birth of something, in its growth, as well as in its final moment. This Japanese aesthetic concept is called mono no aware (empathy towards things) and teaches us to be sensitive to the beauty pervading everything and to value time. This is why Japanese people perceive beauty until the very last moment when cherry tree flowers fall down. More Info: https://sakuratango.com

when: March 29 @ 9am - March 31 @ 9pm
where: Fukuoka, Japan map
category: Argentine Tango



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