30 Days Cleanse & Renew Challenge

30 Days Cleanse & Renew Challenge
Jan 31

30 Days Cleanse & Renew Challenge

It is time to look and feel good with clean eating and using proper essential oils to cleanse & live a healthy lifestyle. Failure to eliminate toxins ultimately results in many of the following: - Weight gain -- Lack of energy -- Skin problems -- Foggy mind -- Mood swings -- Allergies -- Unhealthy cravings - You will finally melt away your excess weight, gain sustained energy, have your skin begin to glow and radiate, and even maintain a positive outlook on life simply because you made the decision to - get rid of the old and make room for the new. At my event, I am going to share a specific protocol that will help you cleanse your body using doTerra essential oils for people with different levels of toxin accumulation. Learn how millions of people have used doTerra essential oils to take charge of their health. What you'll get: 1 hr video group call every Thursday night a 9pm (Option to view the recording later) 4 weeks of support on a private facebook group Healthy Recipes Live cooking demo with Health Supportive Chef Carol Galanty Free raffles for weekly challenge completion Must Sign up by Monday, January 28th. Your health investment for this group coaching is only $50 plus the cost of essential oils. Private coaching is $300 per month. Pick between package A (Family Eseentials kit) $150 +tax & shipping = Approx $167 Package B ( Cleanse & Restore Kit) $245 + tax & shipping Email or call if you have any questions. Must purchase the essential oils kit on https://doterra.me/d9ff58vm or https://doterra.me/FzUr6bQK to qualify. Learn the steps to achieve a healthy lifestyle. More Info

when: January 31 @ 9pm - February 28 @ 10pm
where: Primary, 26 Broadway, 8th Fl, New York, NY, 10004 map
category: Swing



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