Tango Journey To Buenos Aires

Tango Journey to Buenos Aires
Apr 13

Tango Journey To Buenos Aires

Siempre Tango is a tango institution in Germany. A Tango Pioneer, who recognized and promoted tango as a cultural asset. For more than twenty years we have been offering courses in Karlsruhe, organizing tango festivals and regularly inviting the world's leading tango trophies and orchestras to Karlsruhe and Baden-Baden. In short: Siempre Tango has made tango in Karlsruhe what it is today and contributed in a decisive way to the spread of tango throughout the whole of southern Germany. Whether in Stuttgart, Mannheim or Heidelberg, the leading tango teachers of these cities were mostly directly influenced by Siempre Tango and its effects. Siempre Tango is well connected with Buenos Aires. Hardly a tango size that was not in Karlsruhe at Siempre Tango guest. Yes, some today recognized Tangostars from Buenso Aires have started their international career in Karlsruhe with Siempre Tango (Ezequiel Paludi, Sabrina Masso, Alejandra Hobert and Adrian Veredeci and the Macana Brothers). Our students get the best possible instruction. We build on many years of experience and best connections to Buenos Aires, which are not to be found a second time. Thoughts on the tango Tango, the World Heritage of Humanity, fascinates. For many people, tango has become an integral part of their lives. And yet, tango is more than a dance: it reflects a philosophy of life based on intense communication. To engage in a dance partner, to seek rapprochement without giving up one's self. Implementing rhythm in motion, interpreting music and always choosing the right step combination from an almost infinite wealth of possibilities, all this is incorporated into a ritual that usually lasts from two to three minutes. As intense and beautiful as it may be to dance tango, it is also great to watch dancers. The music and the poetry associated with it are a wide field that is also worth discovering. In this sense, there are also many Tangueros who do not necessarily dance. To go to a dance is rather a social event. You meet with friends and nobody stays excluded. In the age of virtual encounters, where the language almost falls silent and loneliness progresses, the tango evenings seem like an oasis of communication and conversation - almost like a relic of old times. It is our firm conviction that it is worth saving such a relic into our day. Carlo Sansour More Info: https://siempre-tango.de/

when: April 13 @ 9am - April 27 @ 9pm
where: Buenos Aires, Argentina map
category: Argentine Tango



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