Trip To Buenos Aires With Us ... Tangueros Del Mundo

Trip to Buenos Aires With us ... tangueros Del Mundo
Dec 27

Trip To Buenos Aires With Us ... Tangueros Del Mundo

Created to vibrate with us to the rhythm of this passion we share: EL TANGO From 12272018 to 10012019 Third trip to Buenos Aires organized by TANGUEROS DEL MUNDO Hugo Mastromarino Maril Fischer. We will take you to travel for 12 days, Buenos Aires, the city that never sleeps, so you can discover that bohemian city, full of life and romance, and the undisputed cradle of tango. You will dance in the most famous milongas, with the company of Hugo, Maril, Roberto and Gabriela that will make you see their city as the porteos see it, and not only with the facet that is shown to tourists. You will attend all the classes that you want and you will also have some customized ones. You will travel by boat to the islands of the Paran Delta, visiting points of great interest. You will spend a day in the country gauchezco, riding horses or sulky, if you wish, eating in a typical Argentine estancia with magnificent folklore show. You will attend tango shows in luxurious places and you will dine in squares where they dance tango and other rhythms at different times. We will lodge you in a Hotel on the main avenue of Buenos Aires, Av. 9 de Julio, the widest street in the world! You will be received at the Ezeiza airport and you will have that transfer and all of your stay at our expense. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT TO BOOK? WE WILL WAIT FOR YOU!! More Info: http://www.ataquetango.com/viaje-argentina/

when: December 27 @ 9pm - January 10 @ 8am
where: Buenos Aires, Argentina map
category: Argentine Tango



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