Noches De Buenos Aires In Chisinau

Noches de Buenos Aires in Chisinau
Nov 23

Noches De Buenos Aires In Chisinau

Dear tangueros, friends! I am proud to present you the 2'nd edition of International Festival Noches de Buenos Aires in Chisinau with our great maestros and beloved friends - Yanina Quiones y Neri Piliu!!! Dates to be BOOKED: 24-26 of November, 2017! REGISTRATION OPENED! To register please, fill the google form below: https:docs.google.comformsd1AtnllYq1jfXC8WdZGoUFA4BTZyTJ2bTWLmAUIIFdINAedit The festival program includes: - 1 group workshop with maestro Giuseppe Lotito The center of movement; - 5 group workshops with maestros Yanina Quiones y Neri Piliu; - private Tango classes with maestros - to be booked previously; - winery tour milonga Let's drink tango and dance wine at Purcari Winery ; - 3 night milongas, 2 day milongas, pre-party milonga; - performance with Yanina Quiones y Neri Piliu; - other surprising moments in progress) Workshop's subjects with Neri Piliu Yanina Quinones: WS1: Which embrace to choose for different ways of walking; WS2:tempo, contra tiempo, rhythm - interpretation of dance; WS3:improvisation in reduced space of the milonga, using turns and blocks; WS4:how and when to take her out of her axis, without distroying the connection; WS5:studying sequence for back sacada of woman; Artists : 1)Yanina Quinones y Neri Piliu (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 2)Silvia Sollano y Esteban Gambarotto (Padova, Italy) 3)Mariana Bularga y Giuseppe Lotito (Moldova - Italy) 4)TBA More Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/136014416969062/

when: November 23 @ 12am - November 25 @ 11pm
where: Chisinau, Moldova map
category: Argentine Tango



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