La Sorpresa — I Edition

La Sorpresa — I Edition
Nov 16

La Sorpresa — I Edition

Tango-Agenda, info on the site by Fabien on Sunday, March 05, 2017 Tango-geek project to dance more and more! What is it ? This site proposes to regroup all tango events. Just that ! To help me a robot roams Facebook back and forth with the hope of finding something to put in their mouths. Once the event is spotted, it is stored and referenced in base to be found easily. Alas, my little robot can not find everything alone, because even if he is needy, he is not always very smart. He misses a lot of things. So, I'll need a little help. If you notice that your event is missing where you want to participate: a little click on Add and in a few seconds you will make tango-agenda happy (and therefore me too), not to mention the happiness of all those who have been able to register for the event. Origin of the project I developed this site with the desire to combine business with pleasure. I was trying to train myself on new programming tools for me. Once the discovery of my new toys passed, I wanted to offer a place for slackers like me, where we could find the maximum information on tango events in a minimum of effort. How will it evolve? Tango-Agenda is not fixed, and will probably never be finished. I plan to evolve it according to my free time of course, but also of the dimension that will take the adventure. If I notice that several editors feel carried by the project I will be even more motivated! In the future, the site will always remain free. Maybe one day a system of premium valuation or donation will be set up (the hosting of a website has a significant cost). Indeed I feel that for the good diffusion of the tango, the publication of initiations - courses - courses - milongas - marathon or other must be free! Who am I ? My name is Fabien, I live in Lyon and I am a developer specialized in web technologies. I am also tango teacher and president of Tangoloso association. I discovered tango in 2009 on the banks of Seine in Paris. It was not until I moved to Lyon that I became passionate about this dance. More Info: https://www.tango-agenda.com/en/date/69713

when: November 16 @ 5pm - November 18 @ 6pm
where: Nuremberg, Germany map
category: Argentine Tango



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