Milongueros Tango Festival

Milongueros Tango Festival
Nov 08

Milongueros Tango Festival

Milongueors - Festival de Tango Argentino in Bucharest www.milongueros.eu [email protected] Milongueros Tango Festival drives its insperation from the essence of Tango, from the Milongas and the MilonguerosMilongueras that make them, where Tango actually lives and breaths. Our aim is to celebrate Tango as a dance as well as the Argentinian culture with its tradition, codes and music. MILONGAS: 8 November, Thursday - 21:00-03:00, Welcome Milonga Exhibition: Opening Tango by the Maestros Tango DJ, Panos Nikoletos 9 November, Frday - 22:00-05:00, Gala Milonga Friday Exhibiton by Maestros and Guest Artists Tango DJ, Mihai Georgescu 10 November, Saturday - 22:00-05:00, Gala Milonga Saturday Exhibition by Maestros and Guest Artitsts Tango DJ, Ralph Nasi 11 November, Sunday - 21:00-03:00, Closing Milonga Closing Tango by the Maestros Tango DJ, Gabriela Iona Manea WORKSHOPS: - 8 November, Thursday - 19:00-20:30 - Elegance, Embrace Walking Carlos Perez Rosa Forte - All Levels 9 November, Friday - 19:00-20:30 - Women's Men's Technique Sebastian Misse Andrea Reyero, All Levels 10 November, Saturday -- 12:00-13:30 - Posture Walking Sebastian Misse Andrea Reyero, All Levels 13:45-15:15 - Tango Orillero Sebastian Misse Andrea Reyero, IntermediateAdvance 15:30-17:00 - Tango Salon Figures Sequences from the 50's Carlos Perez Rosa Forte, Intermediate 17:15-18:45 - Musicality, Pauses Cadencia Carlos Perez Rosa Forte, Intermediate 19:00-20:30 - Milonga Traspi Emiliano Pilloni Pamela Marmol, All Levels 12 November, Sunday -- 12:00-13:30 - Improvement of the Tango Couple Carlos Perez Rosa Forte, All Levels 13:45-15:15 - Quality of the Movement in Tango Carlos Perez Rosa Forte, IntermediateAdvance 15:30-17:00 - Tango Salon: Use of Giros their importance Sebastian Misse Andrea Reyero, All Levels 17:15-18:45 - Milonga Sebastian Misse Andrea Reyero, Intermediate 19:00-20:30 - Figures of the Old MIlongueros Emiliano Pilloni Pamela Marmol, Intermediate More Info: https://www.milongueros.eu/home.html

when: November 8 @ 9am - November 11 @ 9pm
where: Bucharest, Romania map
category: Argentine Tango



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