Bergen Tango Marathon

Bergen tango marathon
Nov 01

Bergen Tango Marathon

Welcome to Bergen Tango Marathon no. 11 - the nose hair affair. The marathon takes place at Fensal in the centre of Bergen, Nov. 1 - 5. You willl enjoy great music and a wonderful dance floor, all you can eat of fabulous food, and the Bergen atmosphere. Each night, our bar will be open, serving all kinds of drinks, and other great shit. There will be a balance between leaders and followers, totally approx. 200. Admissions are mainly based on level of dancing, origin and time of registration. 60 percent of the spots are reserved for non Norwegian participants. Bergen Tango Marathon is organized by members of Tango Abrazo. We are proud to present the following DJ's: DJ Jonny Kvamme DJ Atle Birkeland DJ Pared de Piedra DJ Solveig Hisdal DJ Gabriel Bakke DJ Solveig Jansen Dj Birger Haugdal DJ Bogdan Ududec AND DJ Daniela Feilcke-Wolff More Info: https://www.bergentangomarathon.no/

when: November 1 @ 9am - November 5 @ 9pm
where: Bergen, Norway map
category: Argentine Tango



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