Nights From Hungary Tango Marathon

Nights from Hungary Tango Marathon
Oct 18

Nights From Hungary Tango Marathon

The 8 is the great Karmic equalizer When the 8 comes knocking, you can be assured that you will reap what youve sown The spiritual side of the 8 is practical, realistic and intelligent. It knows the difference between make-believe and genuine spiritual realizations. and this is the key of Noches: genuine spiritual realization that comes alive through the beautiful energies gathering in Budapest each year towards the end of October! Let this 8 flip over and lets make it Noches Many Nochesers told us that they just did not get enough well, here it is: introducing Day Zero!!! The marathon starts Thursday night same address, included in the package, snacks, water and wine. More Info: http://noches.hu/

when: October 18 @ 9am - October 22 @ 5am
where: Budapest, Hungary map
category: Argentine Tango



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