Tango Encantado-Encuentro Milonguero

Tango Encantado-Encuentro Milonguero
Oct 12

Tango Encantado-Encuentro Milonguero

Open your eyes ... every desire becomes reality 450 m of parquet in the modern Teatro Magno dance hall of CASTELBRANDO Up to 350 dancers from around the world 25 hours of enchanted music to dance from Friday afternoon to Sunday night Cinque International TDJs from Britain, France and Italy Bar Restaurant-Pizzeria running all day and late at night Coffee Break dessert (coffee, tea, pastries, fruit ...) to Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon, with waiter Midnight Salty buffet composed, in an exemplary form, by juices, soft drinks, sandwiches, focaccia, hot croutons, sfogliatine, tostini ..., on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Sunday early at 21:30), always with waiter Accommodation: 80 elegant rooms, suites and apartments located in three different contexts and charming or beautiful B B at the spa entrance (SPA) in a turn of 2:30 a.m. reserved for milongueros guided tour of the Castle Card Membership EL CHOCLO Embrace club Conditions best favor reserved for the Milongueri: BAR point also open all night, consumer cost for what is not included in the coffee break and Midnight Buffet 10% discount for la carte dinner or lunch at Ristorante-Pizzeria Fucina More Info: https://www.tangoencantado.com/

when: October 12 @ 3pm - October 15 @ 1am
where: via Brandolini Brando,29, Cison di Valmarino, Italy map
category: Argentine Tango



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