La Parada Milongera 5

La Parada Milongera 5
Oct 12

La Parada Milongera 5

Let s meet Hugs and emotions !!! We are really happy to renew the invitation to our close or distant milongueros friends, who like dancing the traditional tango, to share three days of hugs. The invitation with mirada y cabeceo leads us to a silent dialogue, which will become a musical knowing. Six traditional milongas with an exceptional DJS set. The balance between women and men will give us the opportunity and curiosity to change the partner at every tanda, discovering a new emotion and, perhaps, a new friendship. Another occasion to meet and know each other, an experience that will be ,once again ,unforgettable. W Premier BHR Treviso Hotel S.R. 53 Via Postumia Castellana, 2 31055 Quinto di Treviso (TV), Italia More Info: https://laparadamilonguera.wordpress.com/

when: October 12 @ 3pm - October 15 @ 1:30am
where: Treviso, Italy map
category: Argentine Tango



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