La Copa Loca Weekend - Non / Neo-Tango Marathon

La Copa Loca Weekend  - Non / Neo-Tango Marathon
Oct 05

La Copa Loca Weekend - Non / Neo-Tango Marathon

3 days filled with alternative, well danceable tango music (non-tango, tango nuevo, current orchestra, ...) Five DJs from the alternative tango scene CH record their best music Non- and Neotango fans from all over the world Leader follower balance controlled by sign up (60 pairs) Excellent dance floor in Tango Club Corrientes Basel Professional sound system Family environment thanks to the proven Corrientes team Snack buffet, water and tea, as well as 2 midnight meals (soup) included in the price (Sfr. 90.-) A dinner (Saturday) and 2 brunch (Saturday and Sunday) can be ordered with the registration (plus Sfr. 35.-) Three days full of non-tango, tango nuevo, orchestas actuals, ... Five Djs of the alternative Tango scene from CH play theirs best music passionate alternative tango dancers from all over the world 5050 leader-follower balance (60 couples) Excellent wooden dancefloor of Corrientes Tango Club Professional sound system family hospitality by experienced Corrientes team Snacks, fruits, water, tea and 2 midnight soups in the normal fee (Sfr. 90.-) included On request 1 dinner on saturday night, 2 brunch on saturday and sunday morning (+ Sfr. 35.-) More Info: http://lacopaloca.ch

when: October 5 @ 7pm - October 8 @ 11pm
where: Basel, Switzerland map
category: Argentine Tango



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