Gustavo Rember In Philly - Week 1

Gustavo Rember In Philly - Week 1
Sep 17

Gustavo Rember In Philly - Week 1

We're so excited to welcome a wonderful tango dancer/teacher from Buenos Aires, Gustavo Rember, who will be teaching at the school for three weeks starting... today! In addition to being an awesome dancer, Gustavo is the co-organizer of one of the most popular tango festivals in Buenos Aires, MISTERIO TANGO FESTIVAL. During his ample free time, Gustavo is an economics professor, and he brings his keen intelligence and analytical mind to bear on his tango teaching. You are really going to enjoy getting to know and study with Gustavo! Here's what we have planned for Gustavo's first week... MONDAY, September 11 7-8 pm: Tango Technique. All Levels. $10 8-9:30 pm: Intermediate Tango. $25 or use class card. Special drop-in price for both classes: $30 Topic: Feeling comfortable in one’s self and on the floor. Pivots: on one foot or both? WEDNESDAY, September 13 7:30-9 pm: Advanced Tango. $25 or use class card. Pay for the class and stay for the practica for free. Topic: Ochos with and without pivots for leaders and followers. Linear crosses beyond the 5th of the basic. 9-midnight: D'Arienzo TC Practica with DJ Gustavo SATURDAY & SUNDAY, September 16 & 17 2-4 pm each day: Beginner Tango Intensive Our Two-Day Argentine Tango Beginner Intensive covers the basics of tango vocabulary, structure, technique and lead-and-follow improvisation. We change partners after every song, so there's no need to bring a partner (though you're welcome to if you have one!). The intensive covers the same material as the Thursday night Beginner Tango weekly class. You can place out of the beginner tango class, and head right to the advanced beginner weekly class (Thursdays 8-9 pm), by taking this intensive. Intensive cost: $65 in advance/$70 at the door. Pre-register and learn more about the intensive at: [hidden] PRIVATE LESSONS If you are interested in studying privately with Gustavo, please email me to schedule. He is offering a package of 4 lessons for $220 (a GREAT deal). A single lesson costs $90. More Info below.

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when: September 17 @ 7pm - September 23 @ 4pm
where: Philadelphia Argentine Tango School, 2030 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA map
category: Argentine Tango



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