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Top 5 Tango Scenes in Cinema - Part 2: Tango Movies

Do you love the smokin' hot passion of Argentine tango and wish you could see more of it on the big screen? We bet you do, because so many of you responded to our first article on the "Top 5 Argentine Tango Scenes in Cinema". Back by popular demand, here's Part 2 of our tango movies series, based on our fans' and members' recommendations.


In this Carlos Saura film full of the drama of romantic conflict amidst a dance production, the true Argentine tango takes a position center stage. From the authentic music to the increasingly intricate footwork and intense eye contact, we see what makes the Argentine tango so magical. Tango legend Juan Carlos Copes smolders in in this scene, "Recuerdo".

The Tango Lesson

We know there are at least a few of you out there who have always dreamed of traveling to a foreign city and having a handsome dancer teach you the tango, which is the plot behind "The Tango Lesson" from 1997. Here, director-actress Sally Potter teams up with Pablo Veron for another of your favorite tango scenes.

Tango Bar

Who wouldn't like to hit a bar like this once in a while, with formal wear and "La Cumparsita", tango's most recognizable tune, played by a live orchestra? Once again, the traditional Argentine tango is featured. Look at those beautiful backs and gliding unison movements!

Assassination Tango

Here's another great scene with Pablo Veron, this time dancing with Geraldine Rojas to "Un Emocion" at the finale of "Assassination Tango." Without his careful and unobtrusive partnering, her beautiful footwork wouldn't be possible. Watch his arm on her back throughout the sequence. They work together as a true pair, and that's what tango is all about!


The tango lessons Vaslav Nijinsky gave silent film star Rudolph Valentino are portrayed in this scene from Ken Russell's 1977 film, "Valentino". Russian ballet superstar Rudolf Nureyev plays Valentino, while his tango teacher is none other than Sir Anthony Dowell. The two turn in a stunning and refined, yet sexy tango performance, and Dowell finishes the scene off with a remarkable series of fouettes, in spats, no less.

If you missed Part 1 of our "Top 5 Argentine Tango Scenes in Cinema," be sure to check it out for more passion, flair and great partnering.

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