Interview with choreographer Meagan Nugent of Diddy's "The Four" reality TV show Interview with choreographer Meagan Nugent of Diddy's "The Four" reality TV show

Interview with choreographer Meagan Nugent of Diddy's "The Four" reality TV show

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Check out this insightful Q&A with Meagan Nugent, touching on her journey from a California Institute of Fine Arts graduate to a choreographer working with some of the biggest names in entertainment. Meagan discusses her sources of inspiration, recent projects and plans for the future.

How would you describe your style of choreography?

My style is my lifetime of exposure to great teachers, fantastic dancers, inspiring choreographers and performers. As anyone’s career progresses, you become pieces of everything and everyone you have been exposed to. It becomes you. The influences I've mashed together come out to be something innovative and fresh, a combination of traditional and contemporary. Like the Queen song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, where they took classical and opera sounds and mixed it with rock... I try to inspire my students, peers and artists to reach past the their physical and mental limits and give a little more.

What makes you so passionate about dance?

Dance has saved me in many ways. I’m passionate about dance because not only is it a stress relief but it’s taught me discipline in other aspects of my life, and above all, creative expression.

Meagan Nugent

What's been the highlight of your career, so far?

I have had many incredible moments in my career but one in particular helped pave a path towards a more resilient mind state, and that was working as a choreographer on the BadBoy Family Reunion Tour. The demands of that project were extreme, but so were the rewards!

How did you end up on The Four?

I was offered the opportunity to come on to The Four by my friend and mentor Laurieann Gibson. I’ve been working along side this genius of a woman for some years now and she had the utmost confidence that I was ready to venture in television production. Laurieann has worked with Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga, she's amazing.

You're no stranger to working with big names, but what was it like working alongside Diddy and Fergie?

Diddy has been not only an incredible artist to work with, but a brilliant businessman to watch and learn from. He vibrates on such a high frequency in the most positive way, it’s inspiring and utterly motivating. Fergie is a hoot! She’s a beautiful and talented woman who shows great feminine strength. It was my first time getting to work with her and I have to say, she zones all the way out when stepping on a stage. She's an absolute visual pleasure.

You've turned your dance career into into a form of celebrity as a social media influencer, what's that like?

It’s no different than what I do in the entertainment industry now. I still influence growing minds and I still influence dreamers and warriors.

You just launched an artist development company. Tell us about that. What artists are you working with, and in what ways are you developing them?

Artist development fell in my lap, actually. It was not something I sought out, although it is a love of mine now. After working on multiple sets for music videos, dancing and assisting, I was approached by producers to put a showcase together for an artist with label reps present. That turned into me helping the artist navigate their stage presence and choreography, among other things. After years of working with talented artists I now have the pleasure of working with two insanely talented superstars that I believe will change the music industry, Jack Samson & Arcade Jackson.

What's next for you?

My company NU Entertainment will be officially launching end of April! In addition to working with and developing artists, I will be also be working along side other Creative Directors and choreographers on numerous entertainment endeavors.

About: Meagan holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts from California Institute of the Arts, and she has worked closely with artists such as French Montana, Carly Rae Jepson, Nicki Minaj, Rae Sremmurd and Puff Daddy aka Diddy. She’s also choreographed for ZenArts, A Cirque Du Soleil Sister Company. Follow NU Entertainment on Instagram at @MyNu_Ent and follow Meagan at @MeaganNugent1 | Meagan Nugent Choreo Reel: 1d13a42a | Website:

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