Freeform Dance Dance Saturdays Northgate Community Center (+ Streaming On Zoom)!

Freeform Dance Dance Saturdays Northgate Community Center (+ Streaming On Zoom)!
Apr 27

Freeform Dance Dance Saturdays Northgate Community Center (+ Streaming On Zoom)!

Welcome to FreeForm Dance Dance. You do not need any dance experience. We dance freestyle with a fabulous and inspirational setlist like no other--music from all eras, styles, peoples and cultures of the world. Music in all kinds of languages. Popular, familiar music and new music around the globe. We take requests 2+ days ahead of time. Get on our mailing list for a weekly reminder including special announcements about any upcoming dance: [hidden] No steps, no instruction, no choreography. Our studio is gorgeous, full of natural light only, with tree-filled windows facing south. We provide a few yoga mats, chairs, musical instruments like shakers and rattles. Wear shoes or dance in bare feet on the beautiful hardwood floor. At FreeForm Dance Dance there is something for everyone when it comes to dancing, movement and the music. We begin softly with slower beats, build to a crescendo in the middle, and then slow down again to a quieter pace at the end. The dance is a journey, about 80 minutes. We include pop music from every decade and era, Broadway and swing music, Bollywood, Zydeco, Cajun, North, South, West and East Africa, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, France, Spain, Bellydance, Bhangra, and also rock, funk, hip-hop, classical and awesome all-time dance music. The length of the dance is 75-80 minutes of music. We begin in a brief welcome circle and close in a 10 minute closing circle, but if you come a little late, you are still entirely welcome to join right in (and no one is required to participate in the opening and closing circles, although in many dancing cultures around the world with dance as a journey or prayer, this is part of the process). At the end of our dance together, everyone shares a short few words of appreciation (known as an appreciation circle). People also bring poems, a very short one-verse song, or a quote to share. Grace usually shares one passage from the Tao Te Ching. The fee for our dance is $25-$10 sliding scale for those attending in-person. We rent the studio at a fairly hefty fee, buy music, buy supplies like tape and yoga mats, and equipment....and we appreciate your presence in this joyful co-creation! Children 12 and under also welcome with a parent or caregiver (sliding scale $15-$5). Zoom costs as a subscription to run. Zoom attendees usually contribute $5-$20 to support us. Those attending in person pay at the door. No credit cards. To make a contribution now, send using paypal to [hidden] or venmo @ JonMark4. We also offer pre-paid dance cards 11 dances for the price of 10 for the sliding scale of $100-$250 that you can store with us. When we dance, we move into our "regular" lives with the sparkle of dance around us. Life becomes a playground. Magic things will happen. Northgate Community Center 10510 -5th Avenue NE, Seattle, WA 98155 (enter at south door). Vaccines and Masks are optional. On zoom: we stream our set list through zoom so you can hear the sound well. You can choose to turn your video off, and your microphone will be turned off automatically during the dance (we'll turn it on at the end to hear you speak in our closing circle). People in person will come up to the screen to dance with you sometimes! We love our dancing friends from Europe, Africa and other parts of the US and Canada who join us! Find zoom for your country at zoom.us (or your country). Download the free software. ZOOM PARTICIPANTS: We open zoom from the studio at 10:05am with warm-up music and setlist begins at 10:20am-ish. Same time, same day. Join Zoom Meeting [hidden] Meeting ID: 338 195 361 password: f2d2joy More Info below.

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when: April 27 @ 10:15am - 12pm
where: Northgate Community Center, 10510 Fifth Avenue NE, Seattle, WA map
price: $15
category: Swing



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