Belly Dance Class

Belly Dance Class
Feb 14

Belly Dance Class

Meridian Dance Company has been dancing for over a decade and is based in Baltimore, Maryland. You have seen us at your festivals, weddings and fundraisers for years, and we are happy to be a Baltimore based dance company. We receive lots of questions about Meridian and we want to answer them. What should I wear? Comfortable clothing you can move in. Most people dance barefoot, but you can wear socks or dance shoes if you prefer. The floor is hardwood. What is "open session"? Open session classes mean that you can start at any time. Belly dancing is largely based on the concept of layering. What that means to a beginner, is that you will work on the most basic part of the step (for example, a slow balanced movement that will lead to a shimmy), while more experienced dancers will work at their level (maybe taking a shimmy up to tempo, or sliding it around, or walking tossing their hair, chewing gum and shimmying) The point is that you work at your level. The first time, you will be a beginner and feel like a fish out of water. Hang in there; it is only your first time once. (next week is someone else's turn) - and remember everyone had a first time. How much are classes? 10 for drop in classes, or 50 for 6 classes in a row, (no refunds for missed classes.) More Info below.

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Phone: 4106279357
[email protected]
when: February 14 @ 7:30pm - December 11 @ 8:30pm
where: 3107 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21218, USA map
category: Belly dance



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