Cologne Zouk Festival 2024 – German Open Championship

Cologne Zouk Festival 2024 – German Open Championship
May 15

Cologne Zouk Festival 2024 – German Open Championship

COLOGNE ZOUK FESTIVAL 2024 - GERMAN OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP 6 days: 15.-20. of May 2024 ZoukCologne, Julinha Tanzraum proudly present our most famous event of the year, so mark it in your calendars! TICKET RELEASE 22. DECEMBER 2023 at 6pm Last year has been just amazing and we work hard to make this year even better! Make sure to keep your eyes at the event More information will follow soon, but here is what you need to know until now: - Win the German Open Championship - 6 days of workshops and parties - completely new amazing teacher DJ line-up - balanced ratio (leader/follower) - level descriptions (ZoukCologne methodology) - strong limitation for the masterclasses special JnJ trainings - safer space guidelines - limited amount of tickets - Cologne family atmosphere - longer workshops for more progress and training time - solo classes to work on your expression t echnique - daily topic to dive into one topic at the time, instead of having random classes: teamwork, technique, timing - workshops, bootcamps masterclasses for all levels (beginners headmovement as well) - party on two floors with the best DJs - German efficiency - Professional videographers filming demos socials - Official BZDC Jack and Jill - designated training time for your JnJ group - Aircondition All information also on our Instagram channel: @zoukcologne [hidden] Or on our fb page "Zouk Cologne by Julinha" [hidden] - PROGRAMM - times might be up for changes! Wednesday: (Neusser Str. 216) 19:30 adv. invitational lab class with Julinha 20:30 open level class with Julinha 21:30 Social Thursday: 19:00-22:00 Beginners Bootcamp with ZoukCologne team 22:00 Party Friday - topic teamwork/connection 14:00-17:00 Headmovement Bootcamp with Julinha 19:00-22:00 Workshops 22:00 Party Saturday - topic techniques 12:00-18:00 Workshops, JnJ Training, Masterclasses 18:00-20:00 Jack and Jill prelims (newcomer, novice, intermediate) 22:00 Party Sunday - topic timing/musicality 12:00-18:00 Workshops, JnJ Training, Masterclasses 18:00-20:00 Jack and Jill finalss (newcomer, novice, intermediate, advanced) 22:00 Party Monday - topic expression solo work 12:00-16:00 Workshops 16:00 Farewell Social - PRICES - Fullpass Lot 1 (40 tickets) 150 Lot 2 (60 tickets) 165 Lot 3 (60 tickets) 185 Member (tanzraum or tkb) 140 Partypass 3 days Lot 1 (20 tickets) 75 Lot 2 (20 tickets) 80 Partypass 6 days Lot 1 (20 tickets) 85 Lot 2 (20 tickets) 90 - DISCOUNTS- Send an email to [hidden] for your discount code Subject: "Discount CZF 2024" Group Discount: -15 on the fullpass for groups of 10 people Competitors Discount: Intermediate, Advanced All Stars dancers MAC participants -10 on the fullpass ZoukCologne, tanzraum TKB members special price: find your discount in our WhatsApp group Have you ever been teaching at one of our events? Reach out to us for your special offer (Email) - TICKETS - With the purchase of this ticket you agree to the following terms: Community guidelines for a safe space: [hidden]... Tickets Refund Policy Make sure you purchase the correct ticket, since you purchase them as non-refundable and bound to your name. In case you are unable to attend on short notice due to medical reasons, please provide medical proof from your doctor, so we can transfer your ticket to another ZoukCologne event. You are free to sell your ticket. Selling the ticket to another attendee is at your own risk and cost. Keep in mind that the ticket category has to remain (e.g.: a follower-ticket can only be transferred to follower-attendee). If you sold your ticket successfully please send an email to [hidden] with the email address full name of the original buyer and of the new buyer. Before buying a ticket make sure the seller has an actual ticket tailor ticket from our event. Event Schedule Updates Usually we update the schedule to make it even better for you and easier to attend. Also teachers travel arrangements change unexpectedly and event locations become unavailable on short notice. So the schedule is subject to change! Please check for updates. We will update you on several channels, including our event whatsapp groups, facebook event and ZoukCologne instagram. Filming and Photography Filming and photography might take place during the event. By attending the event you consent to filming and photography of yourself as a member of the attendees, as well as publication and broadcast. [hidden] - COUCHSURFING - We try our best to find a couch within our community for those, who can't afford a Hotel, AirBnB etc. Please send an email to [hidden] Subject: "Couchsurfing CZF 2024" More Info below.

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when: May 15 @ 9am - May 20 @ 9pm
where: Tanzraum, Salierring 33, 50677 Köln, Germany map
category: Salsa

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