Bb Weekender 2024

Bb Weekender 2024
May 10

Bb Weekender 2024

Dear kizomberos and kizombeiras, I hereby invite you to my birthday bash! Our aim is to provide you with an extraordinary experience. Due to the scale of this event, I will not refer to it as a festival, instead I'll label it as a "Weekender Experience". Do you want to attend some workshops and work on your technique? We have assembled an amazing line-up of outstanding instructors to share with you high-quality knowledge. Do you want to be kept up and dancing until the early morning hours? Our talented DJs will make sure that happens. Do you enjoy your dancing experiences with a little bit of spice? We are also bringing international guest dancers into the mix. And if you're considering a visit to Cluj, now is the perfect time! The event is set to take place right in the heart of Cluj-Napoca. ' : 1. - Sandra Gutierrez Spain Felix Undine Austria/Denmark Fabrizio Power - Italy Bianca- Romania Bouba Switzerland Radu Judit - Romania DJ F.A.Z.E. - Spain (The Godfather) DJ RAX - Italy DJ SETH DJ B!JU DJ JOZSI 2. : 23:00 -06:00: Party 12:00 -16:00: Workshops 15:00 -20:00: Social Party 23:00 -06:00: Party 12:00 -16:00: Workshops 15:00 -20:00: Social Party 23:00 -06:00: Party 3. [hidden] Private message to reserve an Airbnb. Main hotel: [hidden] 4. : January: FULL PASS - 80 euro (limited number) PARTY PASS - 50 euro COUPLE PASS - 140 euro February: FULL PASS - 85 euro (limited number) PARTY PASS - 55 euro COUPLE PASS - 150 euro March: FULL PASS - 90 euro (limited number) PARTY PASS - 60 euro COUPLE PASS - 160 euro April: FULL PASS - 95 euro (limited number) PARTY PASS - 65 euro COUPLE PASS - 170 euro May: FULL PASS - 100 euro (limited number) PARTY PASS - 70 euro COUPLE PASS - 180 euro Buy ticket: [hidden] 5. : Name changes are allowed and free until 15th of April 2024. Because we want to maintain a healthy follower-to-leader ratio, the service is available only to same gender individuals. : [hidden] The 2023 event we provided was just a teaser experience. If you attended and enjoyed it, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to you. The upcoming weekender is only made possible because of your support. Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of the . Contact: Corina Bora: +[hidden]3 ' ! . ! More Info below.

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Phone: 40746849373
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when: May 10 @ 9am - May 13 @ 9pm
where: Cluj Napoca, Cluj-Napoca, Romania map
category: Salsa

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