Xv Encuentro Internacional De Ritmos Latinos ‘Albacete En Salsa 2024’

Xv Encuentro Internacional De Ritmos Latinos ‘Albacete En Salsa 2024’
Mar 08

Xv Encuentro Internacional De Ritmos Latinos ‘Albacete En Salsa 2024’

XV 4 Hotel Beatriz Albacete SPA and Congress Palace of Albacete. Castilla la Mancha. Spain From March 8 to 10, 2024, edition that will be dedicated to Salsa Calea PGM GN 3 Days with more than 35 workshops - 3 Days with more 35 dance workshops. 2 Days of Party - Social Dance -2 Days of Party - Social Dance. 1 Large Social Dance Room - 1 social dance room. 2 Days of Shows - 2 Days Shows. IX Contest - "Casino Wheels" Exhibition. "Colosseum" choreographic award. - Choreographic award "Colosseum". Exhibitors and various services. RIS CFIMD More than 100 national and international artists Yeifren Mata and Elena (Venezuela - Madrid) Shahram and Davide (Italy) Christian Peca Jaqueline Myohl (Germany) ) Dorottea Adans (Hungary) Lien and Vicky (Cuba - Madrid) Augustin Williams Yagmur (Rep. Congo and Turkia - Valencia) Dani and Reyes (Valencia) Christian Cruz (Madrid) Duda and Adriana (Poland) Cesar Espinosa and Lidia (Albacete) Oskar and Angela (Alicante) Carlos Flow (Murcia) Pedro Qba (Cuba - Murcia) Agustn and Amanda (Alicante) Jordi and Marina (Valencia) Vero and Dany (Valencia- Alicante) Alberto and Marta (Toledo) Breiner and Diana (Colombia - Barcelona) Miguel ngel and Anabel (Albacete) Virgi and Ana (Alicante) Nstor and Sofia Snchez (Alicante) Pepillo and Yohana (Ciudad Real) Mar Campos and Mike (Albacete) Pedro and Marta (Ciudad Real) Julio and Alicia (Murcia) Malena Sabor a Tango (Argentina - Alicante) Johnny and Carmen (Venezuela - Valencia) Andy and Saray (Murcia) Llanos Navarro and Luis (Albacete) David and Mara (Albacete) Emilio and Esther B (Albacete) Maxi and Bruno (Rome, Italy) Marcelo and Maribel (Murcia) Leandro Erni (Argentina - Valencia) Byron and Fatima ( Alicante) Carlos Ynez (Ecuador - Alicante) Marcelo and Maribel (Murcia) Manuel Jimnez and Maite (Albacete) Orlando Gonzlez Madrigal (Albacete - Cuba) Michael Palacio. (Colombia - Alicante) Aida del Nido Cid (Alicante) Lucia and Roberto (Albacete) Jos Perea (Alicante) ...more artists to be confirmed. ...More artists to be confirmed. MPI Ca. Mambo Family (Madrid) Ca. Ach (Murcia) D- Dance Company (Hungary) Ca. MamboLe (Valencia) Ca. Palladium (Albacete) Ca. Mambo Rico (Valencia) Ca. Valya Dance (Alicante) Ca. Glams Girls by Sheila (Rome - Italy) Ca. Rumbemb (Murcia) Ca. Kings of Rhythm (Valencia) Ca. Los Guaracheros (Albacete) Ca. by Sofia Snchez (Alicante) Ca. Littel Band (Valencia) Ca. Yes We Dance Premium (Murcia) Ca. Oscar and Angela's Swinguitas (Murcia) Ca. by Carlos Ynez (Alicante) Ca. Andrea Vidaurre Latin Ladies Ca. Udance Academy (Albacete) Asoc. Molina Caribe Son (Murcia) Ca. Mi Pasion Hamburg (Germany) ...more artists to be confirmed. ...More artists to be confirmed. DJs Dj Pablo Navarro (Albacete) Friday. Dj Lzaro Diaz (Cuba - Valencia) Friday. Dj Pepillo (Ciudad Real) Friday. Dj Carlos (Villarrobledo. AB) Saturday. Dj Nelson (Albacete) Saturday. Dj Jhonny (Valencia) Saturday. 9 NUS NATIONAL-XHIIION D UDS D SIN . . . 2024 On Sunday, March 10, 2024, in the closing activities of the XV . Sign up and participate: Here he who dances wins!! Consult the rules at this link: [hidden] This contest awards Trophies and cash prizes: 1st place: 300, 2nd place: 150, 3rd place : 50, An event organized by the Friends of Cuba Cultural Association of Albacete, a non-profit entity that promotes knowledge of Cuban Culture and cultural diversity in general. SUBSCRIPTIONS One of the Most Important Information that we would like you to pay special attention to, due to the different types of subscriptions, which each one includes, to avoid mistakes. IMPORTANT: Returns are NOT accepted. Only the holder of the Subscription or Pass can be changed. RHYTHM SUBSCRIPTION: 40 until November 1 (Workshops, Shows, Social dance and competitions) 45 until December 31. DANCE PASS: 35 until November 1 (Workshops, Social Dance and Competitions) 40 until December 31. FULL PASSAGE Couple: 285 (Double room with breakfast. Workshops, Shows, Social Dance, Gala Dinner, and Wheels Contest) until December 31. FULL PASSAGE Individual: 250 (Single room with breakfast. Workshops, Shows, Social dance, Gala dinner and Wheels Competition) until December 31. SATURDAY NIGHT PASS: 40 (Dinner + show + social dance) More information at: [hidden]... LOOSE ENTRY We leave the information on ticket prices, without consumption More Info below.

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Phone: 34 660 09 74 68
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when: March 8 @ 9am - March 10 @ 9pm
where: Palacio De Congresos De Albacete, C. Autovia, 1, 02007 Albacete, Spain map
category: Salsa

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