Bachata Level 1 – Introduction

Bachata Level 1 – Introduction
May 30

Bachata Level 1 – Introduction

Hey there! Welcome! It’s really nice to have you here reading this, I hope you can join us soon. Let me tell you about the class This class is an introduction to the basic, very very basic bachata steps. This is a perfect class for people that have never danced before and the best… you don’t need a partner! We switch partners so we all get to know and dance with each other. Don’t be shy and no worries, just jump in, and we’ll break it down easily for you. Also, this is the first step to being part of our community and getting to know everyone. Nothing else to say, see you there and get that body ready to move! For prices, click here! #Before stepping into the next level, make sure you ask your teacher if he/she thinks you’re ready for it #Each week we teach different things working on the things required at each level. You can jump in at any point #To book the class go to booking #The studio is on the 4th floor and you need to dial 0010 on the big buzzer to get in #We strongly advise coming at least 15 minutes early since our classes are big and sometimes there is a line to get into the class Instagram Facebook Website *For Salsa Classes: Salsa Sabrosa & other dances: Sabrosa Dance Academy More Info below.

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when: May 30 @ 6pm - 7pm
where: Little Dreams Event Space, 410 8th Av. 4th Floor, 4th Floor. Press 1913* to access to the builduing, New York, ny map
price: Free
category: Salsa
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