Clarchens Sensual Salsa And Bachata On Fridays

Clarchens Sensual Salsa And Bachata On Fridays
Jul 26

Clarchens Sensual Salsa And Bachata On Fridays

Clrchens Ballhaus on Fridays: Sensual Salsa Bachata. On Fridays we present the most beautiful location in Berlin to dance salsa and bachata !!! Founded in 1913, it is cultural and historical heritage of Berlin Mitte and opens its big doors so that when you enter them you will be filled with joy. After three years, salsa and bachata return to this historical place in Berlin with DJ Zapata and Zapatissimo Team, this time immersed in the magic of the already famous Spiegel Salsa. As this space is a very demanded place for events of very recognized companies, we can dance there only if the space is available and there will be dance specials that we organize to make dancing in the charm of this place in the center of Berlin enjoy program Bachata Salsa 18:00 19:00 salsa 19:15 20:15 Bachata Afterwards practice time (USC welcome until 21h) 8:15 p.m. 1 a.m. Party Prices only cash (only cash) Social dance 12 per person Dance course only: 12 euros including admission (social dance) or URBAN SPORT CLUB Membership (Bookable directly on site. Simply scan the QR code without prior booking) Each additional dance course costs 5 USC course participants only pay 5 euros for the Perty Combination package: Both salsa courses + bachata course + entry to the social dance 15 per person. Info: Whatsapp group: +[hidden]772 Send message. get invite link. join the group :-). Social dance: 65% salsa and 35% bachata. So that you know quickly and first-hand when and on which dates our event takes place, we recommend that you register in our Whatsaap Clrchens Ballhaus Salsa and Bachata group. So you will know everything that happens in this place related to the dance you like the most. (Swing, Salsa, Standard and Latin, Salsa, Bachata etc. Just send a private message to +[hidden]772 and we will integrate you into this great dance family. Spiegel Hall of the Clrchens Ballhaus (entrance on the right side of the restaurant 1 O.G.) Augustr. 24 10117 Berlin More Info below.

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Phone: (+49) 17620470772
[email protected]
when: July 26 @ 9:15pm - July 27 @ 2am
where: Clarchen's Ballhaus, Auguststraße 24, 10117 Berlin, Germany map
price: $12
category: Salsa



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