Feeling Kizomba Festival 2023 (Official Event)

Feeling Kizomba Festival 2023 (Official Event)
May 04

Feeling Kizomba Festival 2023 (Official Event)

We're pleased to announce that the Annual 10th FEELING KIZOMBA Festival is back!!! We wait for you in Barcelona (Lloret de Mar), all in one hotel, in May 2023, 3-4-5-6-7th. - All in One Hotel - 5 Party Nights - 2 exclusive rooms for workshops of Kizomba. - 4-5 Master Classes (only with VIP PASS) - A social room dance during the evening, from 14h to 21h. - 2 rooms for the parties during the night: Room: Fussion UrbanKiz Room 2: Kizomba Semba Comercial LINE UP Albir Rojas (Panam) Jojo Kizomba (France) Enah Pocahontas (France) Azzedine (France) Ronie Saleh Frida (Sweden) JP Stephy (France) Valer St'effy (France) Fred-Nelson Morgane (France) Nuno Sarai (Spain) Jack Sara (Spain) Guiu Borboleta (Spain) Oscar Sonia (Italy) Kevin (Guinea Bissau) Keco Moni (Spain) Elsa Sergi (Spain) Elias Vicky (Spain) And more... Dj Zay'x (France) Dj Shark (Spain) Dj Lehny (France) Dj Hugo Smile (France) Dj Lucas (Portugal) Dj Jack (Spain) Dj Kevin (Guinea-Bissau) Dj Kot (Spain) PROGRAM 3rd, WEDNESDAY PRE-PARTY (Evenia Hotel) 22-23h Workshop 23h-04h Kizomba Party 4th, THURSDAY (Evenia Hotel) 16h-20h Workshops 17h-21 Social Dance Room 23-24h Workshop 24h-06h Kizomba Party 5th, FRIDAY 12h-14h Workshops 15h-20h Workshops 16-22h Social Dance Room 23:30 - 07h Party 6th, SATURDAY 11h-20h Workshops 14h-16h Social Dance Room 16h-20h Pool Party 23:30-07h Party 7th, SUNDAY 11-19h Workshops 16-20 POOL PARTY 23-06h Party LOCATION All the event (workshops, parties, shows), will be in Evenia Olimpic Park Hotel, in Lloret de Mar (Girona, Spain) HOTEL EVENIA OLIMPIC PARK Sra. de Rossell street, 17310 Lloret de Mar, Gerona, Girona Tph: +34 972 36 58 20 PRICE (per person in full board with water) Double/Triple: 58 per person. Single: 102 Tourist tax: 1,32 per person and day 3 nights minimum. FOR BOOKING: [hidden] INFORMATION ABOUT SHUTTLE FROM BARCELONA AIRPORT OR GIRONA AIRPORT There is a Company called Sarfa that is the best option. BARCELONA AIRPORT - LLORET DE MAR Duration: 1h:35m Price: 13,15 (more or less) Booking: [hidden] The arrival is in Lloret Station, only 5 minutes walking from the Main Hotel Evenia Park. GIRONA AIRPORT - LLORET DE MAR Information: [hidden] PRICES FULL PASS: 70 (100 Full Pass) 80 (100 Full Pass) 90 (till december, 15th) 100 (till february, 15th) 110 (till april, 30th) 120 (from may, 1st) 130 (at the door) COUPLE FULL PASS: 160 (till december, 15th) VIP PASS (Master Class) 90 (30 Vip Pass) 100 (30 Vip Pass) 110 (till december, 15th) 115 (till february, 15th) 125 (till april, 30th) 135 (from may, 1st) 155 (at the door) PRICES PER NIGHT (only at the door): Wednesday: 10 Thursday: 20 Friday: 25 party. Saturday: 30 party Sunday: 20 PRICES PER DAY (only at the door) Thursday: 30 Friday: 50 Saturday: 60 Sunday: 50 For booking your ticket: 1) Contact with your promotor. 2) You can buy on line with VISA or PAYPAL in this link: [hidden] INFORMATION WhatsApp: [hidden] Mail: [hidden] More Info below.

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Phone: 34 972 36 58 20
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when: May 4 @ 9am - May 8 @ 9pm
where: Evenia Olympic Resort, Carrer Senyora de Rossell, 35, 17310 Lloret de Mar, Girona, Spain map
category: Salsa

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