Interfusion Festival Viii (If2023)

Interfusion Festival Viii (If2023)
Jan 12

Interfusion Festival Viii (If2023)

Interfusion Festival VIII (IFVIII) [hidden] BACKGROUND Interfusion Festival was founded in 2016 under The Institute for Integrative Wellness (IFIW). Since that time, it has become the primary indoor transformative festival of North America bringing together the like-minded from across the US and beyond on Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. It is a grassroots community-centered creative project with more than twenty percent of participants involved in the creative or services process that bring Interfusion to life. FESTIVAL LOCATION A modern day oasis. The festival takes place at the Crystal Gateway Marriott located at 1700 Richmond Highway, Arlington, VA 22202. This 4.5-star hotel is located just minutes from Washington, D.C. and Reagan National Airport (DCA). While not required for festival participation, it is recommended that travelers consider staying at the hotel to emerge into the complete community experience. Learn more on our plan page: [hidden] FESTIVAL ARTISTS Guiding your experience with loving-kindness and a mastery of practice. IFVIII features over 100 artists across 9 programs. Learn more about the artists: [hidden] FESTIVAL SCHEDULE The Interfusion Festival schedule was built as shared living art to support the community in rising to higher states of growth and wellbeing. Learn more about the schedule: [hidden] DAYTIME EXPERIENCE During the daytime explore workshops across multiple programs that are carefully designed for both individual and shared learning experiences, from beginners to advanced offerings. While no partner required to participate, partnerships may be formed during workshops, with workshop facilitators often providing an option to rotate with others to create the best learning environment possible. Learn more about the daytime experience: [hidden] NIGHTTIME EXPERIENCE At nighttime the festival grounds transforms into an enchanted playground with eight unique social gathering and activity spaces. Interfusions Candlelight Conversations, AcroYoga Jam Serenity Lounge are open throughout the night offering a retreat for those needing a break from the high-energy action. Learn more about the night program activities: [hidden] MISSION VALUES From educational offerings in positive psychology, meditation, and expressive arts, to exposure to healthy social outlets, lifestyles and supportive communities, Interfusion Festival aims to bring awareness of a collective of practices and modalities that may help combat the public and mental health crisis beyond COVID-19 which continues to affect the lives of our friends, families, and communities to this day. Our Core Values Guiding Principles were built from heartfelt feedback received by our community. The intention of these ten pillars is to act as a reference point, whenever it may serve the greater good, to support each other towards thriving in the face of adversity and our ever changing world. Learn more about our mission and values: [hidden] CONSENT CODE All members of the Interfusion community have the right to feel safe and exercise their consent throughout the entire duration of their attendance of the festival. Therefore, all attendees must adhere to the Consent Code of Conduct at all times. Learn more about the Consent Policy and Code of Conduct: [hidden] THE COMMUNITY Whether youre coming with a partner or alone, Interfusion is a powerful bonding experience that enables you develop new interpersonal connections as well as deepen existing ones. Stay connected on social media by joining our Facebook Community group: [hidden] FESTIVAL TESTIMONIALS See testimonials of the Interfusion Festival experience below and check out what others are saying by searching for #interfusionfestival on social media platforms. [hidden] INTERFUSION ON INSTAGRAM Stay connected to the latest announcements and featured festival photos by following the Interfusion Festival Instagram page: [hidden] INTERFUSION WEBSITE For the latest festival updates and releases, visit the official Interfusion Festival website. [hidden] With love and respect. Interfusion Team We rise by lifting others More Info below.

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when: January 12 @ 9am - January 16 @ 9pm
where: Crystal Gateway Marriott, 1700 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22301, USA map
category: Salsa

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