Salsa Beginners @ Tanzstudio Ritmo

Salsa Beginners @ Tanzstudio Ritmo
Apr 23

Salsa Beginners @ Tanzstudio Ritmo

Salsa is a modern ballroom dance that combines Afro-Caribbean and European dance styles and can be danced alone or in pairs. Salsa dance began its triumphal march around the world from the Caribbean around 1970. Over time, different styles have developed from this movement. A main distinction is made between salsa "on the line", a form that is mainly found in the New York style, LA style or Puerto Rican style, and salsa "in a circle". The latter is characteristic of the Cuban style, also called Salsa Cubana. No matter what style of salsa, dancing salsa is a lot of fun! More Info below.

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Phone: 0176 / 20 33 57 96
[email protected]
when: April 23 @ 8pm - 9pm
where: Tanzstudio Ritmo, Belgrader Str. 2, 93055 Regensburg, Germany map
price: $69
category: Salsa



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