Salsa Beginner @ Salsastudio

Salsa Beginner @ Salsastudio
Jun 03

Salsa Beginner @ Salsastudio

The Salsa Beginner series covers the fundamentals of Salsa. In this series you will learn the Salsa Basic, New Yorker, New Yorker Right turn, Double hand turn, Cross body, Outside turn, Cross body inside turn, Open break with leg swivel, cumbia turn and spot turn combination patterns. Most importantly you will learn musicality with LEADING FOLLOWING. It is recommended that students finish both series before going into Intermediate level. 90% of Vancouver's better performers and social dancers started with our classes to get a great foundation. We GUARANTEE our lessons to be FUN, SOCIAL and EASY!!! More Info below.

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Phone: 604-812-3849
[email protected]
when: June 3 @ 7:25pm - 8:30pm
where: SalsaStudio, 927 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L3, Canada map
category: Salsa



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