Muevete Skylit Dance Social “The Lawn Domain”

Muevete Skylit Dance Social “The Lawn Domain”
Jun 15

Muevete Skylit Dance Social “The Lawn Domain”

The Newest Pop-Up Event That Will Teach You How To Dance! Muevete Skylit Dance Social is going to pop up at The Domain every month to teach you how to dance the most popular Latin dances in the world. Most people learn how to dance inside studios and ballrooms, but we wanted to provide you an experience that will have you sharing videos of yourself, dancing and laughing, with your friends and family by the end of the night! Imagine this. You meet up with some friends for dinner and drinks. Youre having a great time and you decide to explore The Domain after. Then you hear loud Latin music from far away. Your friends ask, Whats going on? So yall decide to check out the music (because who doesnt love music?), and walk over to The Lawn where you see a HUGE group of people dancing Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, and some other styles youve never seen before! Is this FREE? you ask out loud. One of the event organizers, Keyler, hears you and says, Yes, this is FREE! Let me show you how to dance to this song! So you and your friends get onto the dance floor, surrounded by people dancing all around you, and Keyler teaches you how to dance Salsa and bachata! You have so much fun so of course you take out your phone and you start taking photos and videos of yourself and your friends. The huge outdoor dance space, all the dancers, and the cool night sky are the perfect backdrop. And you get to do this every 3rd Thursday of the month, from 6 PM 10 PM for FREE. Join us for the very first Muevete Skylit Dance Social on April 21st! Details Location: The Lawn at The Domain Time: 6 PM 10 PM / 45 minute lesson starts at 6 PM Date: Every 3rd Thursday of the Month Cost: FREE Age: All Ages More Info below.

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when: June 15 @ 6pm - 10pm
where: The Lawn at The Domain, 10910 Domain Dr, Austin, TX 78758, USA map
price: Free
category: Salsa




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